Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Hero in Iraq

Some of you who have followed my blog know that a very special person to me is serving in the United States Marines and is currently in Iraq. Kevin dated my daughter for almost 4 years and is so very special to our entire family. When my brother died, he flew all the way from California to honor my brother who served in the Army. Kevin and two other dear friends who are Marines conducted the Flag Folding Ceremony and presentation of the Flag to my parents and my niece.

I'm very lucky that I get to email quite frequently with Kevin. Today he sent me some pictures of him in Iraq. To say it made my day is putting it mildly! I hope you don't mind me sharing.. One of the pictures is so cool!

I'm going to be sending a box of cards to Kevin in the next couple of weeks. I'm working on some holiday cards to send him and his unit so they will have some cards to send home to their families and friends during the holidays. If you'd like to help and make a few cards.. I'd love it! Email me at riverviewstamper at gmail dot com and I will give you my address to send them too!

Thanks for serving our country Kevin and please know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily! I love you!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Heather "Hev" said...

Lovely photos and the sun one is so cool!!

I am happy you get to keep in regular contact :)

Emma said...

Oh Monica he is an amazing bloke! Love the photos and yes the sun one is brilliant! Hope you are all ok. Hugs Em.x

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures Monica. Love the sun one

Lisadwb said...

Amazing photos!! It is so sweet that he emailed those to you.

Catherine said...

Those are just the coolest pictures :)

Joana said...

hi Monica i will agree with Emma , he is amazing , wow the photos are beautiful

hope you are having a good weekend


Claudia Rosa said...

wow great pictures.
thanks for sharing
the one with the sun is really great :-)

Kim said...

Monica what an AWESOME brings tears to my eyes! You definitely have a great bond with an AWESOME individual! What our troops do for us is so amazing and I am keeping all of them in my thoughts and prayers!
hugs~ Kim

Jennifer Hodge said...

Wow....great little brother did time over seas....I am so proud of him and Kevin too....Thans for sharing!

Summer... said...

Very nice post! And what a nice idea, sending holiday cards for them to send to others...that's truly special!

Diane said...

Yes, thank you for defending our freedom!!!