Saturday, May 28, 2011

She's Coming Home!!!

I'm so happy to report that my daughter, Corporal Kristina Lockhart Beko will be coming back from her 7 month deployment to Afghanistan in just a few days! Just a couple of weeks ago, she was promoted to Corporal which was her second meritorious promotion since joining the United States Marines. We are so very proud of her and her accomplishments and the fact that she serves her country with pride.

While I wasn't able to participate in the Operation Write Home Memorial Day Weekend blog hop this year, I did want to post and thank all the wonderful cardmakers out there for their time and talents in keeping our military members supplied with cards to send home. Kristina loved receiving the boxes that Sandy sent to her and her fellow Marines did as well. Lots of family and friends of ours received so many beautiful hand made cards thanks to all you wonderful card makers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I thought I'd share a few pictures that she took while in Afghanistan. I hope you enjoy them!

 This was taken when she first arrived at Camp Leatherneck. November 2010
 Truck in the middle with the big #1 is what she drives..
 Common site of Camels traveling around the villages.
 Kristina and her fellow Marines enjoying cookies from Archway and Valentines Cards from Operation Write Home!
 This would be her sleeping quarters. She keeps it nice and neat just like home..LOL
 Promoting to Corporal! OOHRAH Baby Girl!
 Standing in the poppy fields..
 Goofing around in the back of the dump truck!
Kristina with all the cards she received for her 21st Birthday
Kristina with the Afghan kids. 

Caleb, Kristina, JB and Luque! I can't wait to hug them all!