Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where Is Monica......

OMG! I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted on my blog! I have been such a bad blogger!! Life has just taken over lately and honestly, I haven't had the energy to craft lately. I've still been putting in a ton of hours at work. I'm at the point of burnout now.

A friend of mine that I work with asked me to make her daughter some Thank You cards for her Graduation. She loved Diplomabella and thought it would make a great thank you card. So, here are the cards I made her.

I really missed card making. I promised myself tonight that I'm going to get back to making cards and posting more regularly!

My friends Lynn and Amanda and I are planning to go to CHA this year! It's here in Orlando and we are so excited!

Other exciting news on the homefront... my daughter is planning to join the United States Marine Corps! She busy studying for the entrance test and working her butt off on PT right now. I know some of you are wondering how I feel about my daughter joining the military. Well, I couldn't be more proud. She loved ROTC in High School and thrived there. I know she will do well at anything she puts her mind to. Her plans to go in in September. Keep her in your prayers as she goes through her round of tests and physical training, please!

See you soon!!


coldwaters2 said...

Hi Monica nice to see you blogging again and what wonderful cards for your first showing they are perfect for the occasion. What a proud mum you are and I wish your daughter the best of luck.

Lorraine x

Kristie said...

Hi Monica,
Have missed seeing your lovely creations! I really love Diplomabella, she looks so nice against the cuttlebugged background. Good luck to your daughter and yes, you must get back to crafting more often. Hugs!

Peggie said...

Great card. Perfect for the occasion. All the best to your daughter.

Peggie said...

Oh just wanted to let you know I am enjoying your music.

mochamama said...

Well hello there, did you get caught up in life too??? hehehehe nice to see you back and I love these cards!! Don't hybernate again.

Brandi said...

Hi Monica!

What great thank you cards! So glad to see you back! Good luck to your daughter!



Heather "Hev" said...

Nice to hear from you again.

You certain seem to have kept your Mojo going :)

Congrats to your daughter and you should be proud :)

marsha said...

Hi Monica! Your post was new to me (he, he!). Nice looking family and I hope you had a fantastic vacation. I've been MIA this summer a lot (I killed my laptop, LOL!).