Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where does the week go??

I can't believe it's almost the weekend! I have been so busy this week with family and work, I have had NO time to stamp or do anything!

I thought I'd share a picture of my dear hubby and me dancing at last weekend's wedding. The DJ asked all the married couples to get out on the dance floor and then he started asking how long each couple had been married. Bennie and I were the 4th to the last couple left with almost 21 years of marriage. The grooms grandparents were the winners with 54 years of marriage! It was really kind of neat. My daughter took this picture of us :-)

The picture above is my daughter Kristina and her boyfriend Kevin. I LOVE him in his dress blues... He flew back to California today after being home for a week. It's always so sad to say goodbye to him. Luckily he'll be back in June for Kristina's high school graduation. Then he'll be home sometime in August before he deploys to Iraq in September. I pray everyday that some miracle happens and he won't have to go. I know if he does, I'm going to have lots of cards to send over to him and his unit buddies. I've already told him about the cards for the troops campaign and he will gladly pass them out when I send them to him!

Tomorrow night I have two girlfriends coming over to scrap and stamp. I have got to get Kristina's scrapbook finished by graduation. I'll post some pictures tomorrow night!

Until then... happy stamping and scrapping!


Kelly Schelske said...

Great picts Monica! Sometimes lilfe runs away on us and we don't get much done...I've had a week like that too!! Oh ya, I sent my swap images on Monday, so you should have them by no later than end of next week, but I would hope sooner:-)

Lavender stamper said...

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Joana said...

great photos , we all have weeks like that I too have been busy all week (but love it every minute ),


PaperBabe - Kim said...

Great pictures, congrats on so many years together, great Blog, I wanted to say hello to one of my blogging sister's and my introduction is on my blog. I look forward to being inspired and hopefully inspiring you too!

Sister Kim x

samgirl said...

Hi Monica! Lovely pictures :)
sounds like a nice week even though it was busy (weddings and birthdays are always good!)